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Full upper and lower denture

Prior to treatment, the patient had all of her teeth missing on her upper jaw. She had a few teeth on her lower jaw that were decayed. These teeth needed to be extracted before proceeding with the necessary denture steps. After the teeth were extracted, Dr. Suji took a primary impression and a secondary impression of the patients’ mouth. Then, bite registration was taken to determine the vertical dimensions of the face. The impressions and bite registration were sent to a dental laboratory to be made into wax which included the teeth that had been placed on the wax try-in. After receiving the wax try-in from the dental lab, Dr. Suji placed it in the patients’ mouth to see if it fit properly. This is the stage where Dr. Suji made any adjustments that were necessary to the way the final dentures would look. Changes to the shape, size, color, and overall setup can be made at this point. After the adjustments were made, the wax try-in was sent back to the laboratory and the dental lab technicians prepared the final dentures with the changes made by the dentist. In the final stage, the patient came in for another visit and had her dentures inserted by Dr. Suji. The patient now has full upper and lower dentures.

Full upper and lower denture

Testimonial (from patients’ sister who was present during every dental visit):

I have been more than pleased with the service my sister received from Dr.Suji. My sister is 87 years old and needed extensive dental work including fillings, extractions, root canal and dentures. Dr. Suji was very gentle and never caused my sister any discomfort. I know because I was in the room for every visit. I was very impressed also with her skill and concern for her client.

Patient: Sarah
Age: 87